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About Us

bijou world boutique is a small import company based in Tokyo and founded by Canadian born Maud Vincent. The staff is a small group of dedicated women who work together to bring you unique and beautiful crafts, fashion, jewelry, accessories and housewares from various locations worldwide. We currently showcase our products online, as well as through events, fairs and markets. We also periodically hold weeklong sales at various shops within Tokyo. Please find this information on our calendar page.

At bijou, one of our main objectives is to create a working environment where women are valued and respected, both locally within the company, as well as abroad with artisans, suppliers and women-run enterprises.

We are also working hard to bring you fresh designs, both for the women's line and the children's line of clothing. We design and develop fashion and accessories which are practical, original and eco-friendly.

We choose our products based on originality, quality, practicality, and beauty. We trade ethically, both in regards to workers (suppliers, artisans) and to the environment.

A portion of all bijou world boutique sales goes towards sponsorship of NPO groups whose aims are to elevate the basic standard of living for women and children in some of the poorest areas within the countries with which we trade.

Why women?

Women often receive a lower salary for the same workload and are mostly denied access to loans and marketing opportunities. Furthermore, in some communities, women and their children who are abandoned by their husbands are outcast from their communities and do not even have access to food, clean water or medical care. These women can rarely find employment and If they do it is at criminally low wages which do not even cover their or their children's' basic needs for survival.

We work towards alleviating this endless downward spiral to help women gain economic stability and independence as well as a more acceptable standard of living.

How you can also help

Please visit our Women's page, as well as our blog where you will find important information about the groups we support as well as links to their websites where applicable. There are many ways in which you can help; donations of clothing, financial support, or even volunteering. We have tried to focus our support on groups which are in great need, however, there are countless organizations in need of support and your help will always make a difference.


Join our team!

We are always looking for new faces to join our expanding team of women and mothers. Working situations can vary according to each situation...a few hours a week or working up to full time positions. At bijou we value your time with your kids and family. We would like to create an environment for women that allows a balance between work and family.

If you are passionate about people, travel, sales and new opportunities, if you believe in change and making a difference please contact us. We are currently seeking bilingual (English/Japanese) staff to help with research, retail sales, bookkeeping and secretarial work. Please send resumes to


All of the products currently available in our web shop can be bought on a wholesale basis. Depending on your company's needs, you can either set up a consignment account or a wholesale account. Please contact us to enquire.

A sales representative can schedule a visit to meet you with samples and pricing. We stand behind the quality of our products one hundred per cent and believe they can help any business achieve higher sales revenue.